The founding of KiltronX Enviro Systems, LLC was a result of simple, yet powerful observations for well over a decade: consumers are not aware that bed bugs are a threat to humanity; they don’t understand their nature, their risks, know the signs, where or how they invade their homes and businesses, how to prevent them or the social economics of them.

Our commitment to follow the vision was supported by consistent consumer behavior; the duration they had bed bugs in their homes and businesses and especially failed self-treatments.

With our customers’ best interests at heart; we have made knowledge, awareness, safety and sustainability the core principal of our product development function.

We are an environmentally sound company that cares about the poisons allowed in our ecosystems, homes and businesses.

By providing the same service and attention we would give our own families, we want our clients to know that they have our support, understanding and non-toxic solutions when it comes to the emerging threat of bed bugs.

We Listened…We Learned

With a United States Veteran and Board-Certified Entomologist at our helm, we have worked closely with and have consulted with many other Board-Certified Entomologists, PhD’s in bed bug research, University Professors, Pest Management Professionals, control operators and other authorities in the field. Each of which adamantly, articulated the need for knowledge and awareness was crucial.

By engaging as an active participant with the International Bed Bug Resource Authority (IBBRA), being a renowned charitable platform for support, we have been able to gather pertinent information about those who have suffered from bed bugs, which have added a consistent abundance of knowledge and support.

We Deliver

Aside from the value of KiltronX Enviro Systems to reduce the costs of bed bug elimination, as you read thoroughly through our website you will notice a wealth of information that is bed bug related.

We are pleased to be sharing it with you, it is yours to read, and expectantly it will increase your knowledge and awareness so that you can be fully prepared to find bed bugs in early stages and prevent from becoming an infested breeding ground.

The Heart and Soul behind KiltronX Enviro Systems

KiltronX Enviro Systems, LLC is further committed to providing this opportunity by giving this meaningful work to the skilled hands of Disabled Veterans and Disadvantaged Americans, which devotedly assemble each KiltronX Enviro Systems.

Each order creates work for these individuals!

KiltronX Enviro Systems is committed to enhancing community awareness of bed bugs while embracing the contributions and gifts of these individuals with disabilities.

In addition to the great feeling of knowing you are supporting a disabled worker; each KiltronX Enviro Systems and its packaging is proudly, manufactured in the USA using Recycled Materials.

We are on a mission to help!

Our Vision

We live in a poisoned earth. There is “overwhelming evidence” in the form of animal studies, and epidemiological data that proves the unconscionable damage we’ve done by the use of toxic pesticides.

Knowing what we know, we are committed to manufacturing safe non-toxic products priced ethically to make them affordable for many.

About Our Products

KiltreX™ Fabric, KilTape™, KilSpray™, KilPaX™, KilWipes™, KiltreX™ Dream EZZZ Shield™, KiltreX™ Organic Super Powder™, Bedbugs Crawl In, But They Don’t Crawl Out™, and Mother Earth’s Own Bedbug Remedy™ are trademarks of KiltronX Enviro Systems LLC, maker of the patent-pending, organically treated fabric has been tested by an independent environmental Engineering firm that has proven to be 100% effective in killing bedbugs.

KiltronX Enviro Systems LLC represents that KiltreX™ proprietary formula and ingredients Fabric is comprehensively FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) and FIFRA Compliant, and need not register with the EPA. KiltreX™ Fabrics are designed to lure, trap, and kill bedbugs, while preventing re-infestations. Recognizing that people and their pets are the real lures for bedbugs, KiltreX™ Fabric Goes Where You Go™ and establishes a potent bedbug barrier that lasts up to three years, when kept in place and used as directed.

Designed based on research into where and how bedbugs live and hide, KiltreX™ Patent Pending Fabric is roller bonded with a proprietary, organic killing formula in batting material that is sandwiched between layers of woven and non-woven fabrics.

The bottom layer is perforated to allow bedbugs to contact the treatment, while separating it from people and pets. Engineered to give bedbugs a surface to travel, hide and contact the treatment formulation, this fabric ensures slow, measured release of bedbug-treatment agents. It kills bedbugs, as well as lice, mites, fleas, ticks, silverfish, cockroaches, and German cockroaches.

KiltreX™ Fabric is made in the USA in various widths and weights for use in mattress covers, box spring covers, pet bed covers, perimeter tape and treated wipes. KiltreX™ Fabric Pocket Liners are designed to fit inside the bottom and sides of fashion handbags, luggage, totes, school bags, duffle bags, backpacks, and other products to combat the bedbug menace....Because it’s a jungle out there.